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There will be no more clairvoyance demos in 2020. The programme for 2021 is printed underneath. Please take a copy. We will not start the group till easter, we might then know what we are do'in , Harry and Pauline x

Honiton Spiritualist Group


from April to July 2021

to be held in The Conservative Club

142 High Street Honiton EX14 1JX.  Situated on the traffic lights

Park in the Co op / Iceland car park. Masks must be worn
Now starting at 7.30 pm, Entrance £4.00 unless otherwise stated

Tel: 01404 548420 / 07870 676138


4th April Easter

12th April   Jan Harris from Bristol - Admission £5.00

International medium Jan saw spirits as a child, She ignored this ability until recovering from cancer aged 40 when she felt she had been given a second chance to explore her gift and prove the existence of life after death.

19th April   Jamie Aylward (President of Exeter Spiritualist Centre)

Talk on The Evidence for a Continued Existence and the Nature of Consciousness

Near death experiences, children remembering past lives, death bed visions, mediumship, vivid dreams, direct communication, providence and serendipitous coincidences, and more. There is overwhelming evidence of a continued existence. Jamie Aylward outlines the tremendous volume of evidence and suggests why it matters.

For more information visit

26th April   Shane Affleck from Bridport

Shane is a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient Medium. Which means he can feel, see, and hear what the spirit world has to offer. He works in a humble, passionate way and enjoys nothing more than working with the gift he has have been blessed with to help and heal others when they need it most.
10th May   Bernie Scott from Bristol - Admission £10.00

International Medium Bernie Scott is fast becoming one of the few of the UK's most popular mediums. Her reputation carries her rather than TV. She continues to amaze people with her connection with those in spirit and is known for her bubbly personality which captures her audience. Always endeavouring to give details from her guides that are unusual and specific in nature which demonstrates her unique gift she ensures an evening of wonder and proof that spirit is never far from us.

Numbers are limited so tickets are available to purchase in advance either Monday nights or PayPal via: / Weekly Clairvoyance, or by post to: 8 Minifie Road, Honiton, EX14 1NF (please make cheques payable to Honiton Spiritualist Group and enclose a SAE) or phone 01404 548420 for more details.

17th May   Simone Cabrera (Priestess of Cerridwen) from Glastonbury

The Mythology of the Welsh Goddess Cerridwen.

Cerridwen gave birth to the greatest Bard in Welsh tradition, the Bard in question is Taliesen and the events surrounding his birth is one of rich symbology and profound spiritual initiation.

I am a Priestess of Cerridwen, Astrologer and Tarot Reader. I am part of the monthly Dark Moon Ritual at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury (at the moment it is a Zoom event). I am also engaged in the monthly Full Moon Ritual that is offered as a service to the community.

24th May           Craig Morris from Torquay - Admission £5.00

Craig started his journey with Spirit when his Grandad passed over in 2009 whilst working for an airline. Craig's dream career was to fly as a pilot, but it seemed that the spirit world had a different plan for him. During his "spiritual" career he has had the privilege of working with Colin Fry on tour in various places around the UK Craig describes his work as a Medium as "my life and being able to do what I love is just amazing”.

14th June    Mandy Rose from Exeter & Pauline Taylor from Plymouth

21st June   Barbara Hennessy (Tarot & Psychic Development Teacher)

Talk and Audience Participation on the Mysteries of Tarot

Tarot, for many people, is still talked about in hushed tones, but these mysterious cards don’t just highlight our past present and future but can be used as a spiritual tool for so many other things, meditation, healing, and counselling to name just a few. Gone are the days of ‘you will meet a talk dark stranger’, instead let Barbara give you a little insight (no pun intended) into Tarot’s mysterious history. and let the magical symbolism help you to draw out your own intuitive interpretations when you have a chance to have a go yourself! Who knows where it may lead!

For more information on Barbara’s Tarot and Psychic Courses visit her at

28th June  Angie Kruger – International Medium - Admission £5.00
Trance Demonstration

Angie comes from a family of sensitives, and mediumship has always been a normal part of her life. She has worked all over the world and has featured in many International magazines such as Kindred Spirit, Prediction, Australia's Universal Mind and Norway’s two top publications Medium & Magic. As a medium she acts as a conduit from spirit, giving accurate messages from those who have passed over to spirit and to help other people connect to their own spiritual path, whatever that might be.

She also undertakes paranormal investigations, as well as workshops and private readings (see below).

Tues. 29th June Angie Kruger - Private Readings Phone 01404 548420

Thurs. 1st July    Steven Holbrook - Tickets in advance £12.00

He gives messages of re-assurance to people who have lost their loved ones, and by communicating with spirit proves that life continues, just simply in a different dimension.

One lady’s mum came through to her in one of Steve’s messages, and said to the daughter “don’t forget the brown Prada handbag on Friday”. The lady replied, “I’m putting it in my mums coffin on Friday, she only died 5 days ago”. Who would know this information?

One of Steve’s best friends is the multi-talented Jane MacDonald. Steve met Jane in a Spiritualist Church many years ago and predicted she would be on BBC TV as part of a cruise entertainment documentary. She didn’t believe it, but the year after it came true, and she was the star of The Cruise, the first docu-soap, and she had the biggest selling debut album of all time.

Steve has 3 books out, ‘Light in the Darkness’, ‘Out of this World’, and ‘Survival’, an these all offer a true insight into the day-to-day life of a working medium, Steve’s beliefs on many areas of Spiritualism, and a great background into Steve’s life.
Tickets must be purchased in advanced either on Monday nights or PayPal via: / Weekly Clairvoyance, or by post to: 8 Minifie Road, Honiton, EX14 1NF (please make cheques payable to Honiton Spiritualist Group and enclose a SAE) or phone 01404 548420 for more details.


12th July    Arysha Webber from Exeter

26th July    Crissie Atkins from Northampton - Admission £5.00

Saturday 4th September 2021
Mackarness Hall, Honiton

Includes free entry to all clairvoyant demonstrations throughout the day

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