JUL25 Tarot for Beginners - Honiton
Sat 10:00 UTC+01 · 14 guests Barbara Hennessy at Beacon Tarot

Honiton 07825178722 Monday 

Masonic Hall, Northcote Lane, Honiton EX14 1NP

Start 8pm ,Admission £3.50 Under, 16s Free

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Clairvoyance Demonstrations are cancelled.  If members of the public have any Spiritualist questions that need answering at this time, we will be available by phone on 01404 548420



   REIKI I AND II DEGREES with Harry and Pauline Alldritt    with Harry & Pauline Alldritt



Thursday 2021 1st July    Steven Holbrook  NEW DATE

tickets for this year can be used next year. thank you

He gives messages of re-assurance to people who have lost their loved ones, and by communicating with spirit proves that life continues, just simply in a different dimension.

One lady’s mum came through to her in one of Steve’s messages, and said to the daughter “don’t forget the brown Prada handbag on Friday”. The lady replied, “I’m putting it in my mums coffin on Friday, she only died 5 days ago”. Who would know this information?

One of Steve’s best friends is the multi-talented Jane MacDonald. Steve met Jane in a Spiritualist Church many years ago and predicted she would be on BBC TV as part of a cruise entertainment documentary. She didn’t believe it, but the year after it came true, and she was the star of The Cruise, the first docu-soap, and she had the biggest selling debut album of all time.

Steve has 3 books out, ‘Light in the Darkness’, ‘Out of this World’, and ‘Survival’, an these all offer a true insight into the day-to-day life of a working medium, Steve’s beliefs on many areas of Spiritualism, and a great background into Steve’s life.......

Amount of Tickets

  ;">Tickets available to purchase on Monday nights or by cheque, made payable to Honiton Spiritualist Group, and sent to 8 Minifie Road Honiton EX14 1NF or visit www.honitonspiritgroup.co.uk/clairvoyance for PayPal details





Monday 19th October   Bernie Scott from Bristol
International Medium Bernie Scott is fast becoming one of the few of the UK's most popular mediums. Her reputation carries her rather than TV She continues to amaze people with her connection with those in spirit and is known for her bubbly personality which captures her audience. Always endeavouring to give details from her guides that are unusual and specific in nature which demonstrates her unique gift she ensures an evening of wonder and proof that spirit is never far from us.

Bernie Scott Tickets in advance £10... 7.30pm startTickets available by cheque, made payable to Honiton Spiritualist Group, an or visit www.honitonspiritgroup.co.uk/clairvoyance for PayPal detailed sent to 8 Minifie Road Honiton EX14 1NF





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